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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Getting More Mileage Out Of Your Content

Everyone would like to make more residual income.

Many people choose to do it via info products, such as ebooks and recorded classes or webinars. This series will share with you ways you can get more mileage out of the content you already have, and also help you get the right mindset before you start your next series.

Tip #1

First, get your mind wrapped around the overall concept of re-purposing and re-packaging your content.

Then, think about the different ways your content can be distributed before you even write (or say, for podcasters) a word. Keeping the end goal in mind before you begin can help you be more creative.

Peter Wilson’s overall strategy sums it up beautifully:

“Start with the idea that you will produce your content once and publish multiple times - you will then start to think about all the various ways you might use that content at the very start - for example you might then take photos of the podcast being recorded for use on flickr. You might post questions on twitter to help you create the content and then feed it back into your blog. Write once, publish multiple times - can’t remember who I stole that off but they were spot on.”

– Peter Wilson, Digital Strategy Manager at Sage

This response is appropriate to mention in this tip because this series of blog posts will eventually become an RSSzine ebook, but it started out as a series of questions I asked on LinkedIn. There’s no better way for me to get the answers to the questions people might ask about content creation than ask others who know more than I do. And I can first pass the information to my subscribers in online posts before compiling the answers into an ebook I can later give away. (Of course, always give credit where credit is due.)

What else can I do with this blog series?

I can go through my Marketing With Audio And Video podcasts and see if there are any audio clips with great tips that I can use.

I can compile those clips and create a short audio book and attach it to the ebook or sell it separately, and

have those clips transcribed and add it to this ebook and blog.

Then I can create videos from the audio clips and post them on video sites.

I think you get the point.

So the next time you start a project, think about the different places you can get the information from, the different places you will be able to display it, and the different formats you will be able to use. It will exponentially expand your income potential.

Penny Haynes,

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Take Your Blog Or Podcast and Immediately Turn It Into An Ebook

On June 25th, 2009, Podcasters and Bloggers will be able to instantaneously create a professional looking ebook DIRECTLY from their RSS feed. will take any RSS feed and convert it to a PDF, complete with live links, including podcasts enclosures. It can include images from your blog or podcast posts (like tutorial images), and will even let you add a graphic cover and create an About Author page.

Choose from 1 or 2 Columns, multiple font types and sizes, with or without the date of each post, and more.

RSSzine also offers a PDF to Turning Page Magazine service as well. Send in your newly created RSS to PDF ebook (or any PDF ebook you have created) and receive in return a Turning Page Magazine from it.

It comes in 2 formats -
  • online HTML for hosting on your web site (you simply upload a folder of files), or
  • as a program that can be downloaded and burned to CD or DVD (you upload a zipped file for download, or burn a folder of files to CD/DVD).

You can see examples of the products on the site, and even test out the RSS to PDF yourself. Just reply to this post via email (or comment on the podcast page), and I'll tell you how and where to play with it.

For more information, contact Penny Haynes at

Monday, May 4, 2009

Local Online Search Surpasses General Search

In a recent article sent to me by one of our Online Community Magazine owners, Diane Corriette of, research shows that local search is growing more rapidly than regular online search. Check out the article for yourself here.

With the way the economy is,

  • people are caught between needing desperately to market themselves and differentiate themselves from their competitors, but NOT having the money to do it.
  • In addition, there are endless numbers of people without a job or a way to support their families.

Now, for those of you who don't know, I created a software that is a combination YouTube + iTunes + Google for your local community. It is called Online Community Magazines, and helps offline businesses market in their local community with text, images, audio and video. All it needs is someone to run it and get people on board.

Previously, the software was priced at $5,000, but with the economy the way it is, that pricing no longer makes sense. Accordingly, I have decided to totally restructure Online Community Magazines to make it completely affordable for ANYONE to have their magazine up IMMEDIATELY and to start making money while offering hope to all of the local businesses that are struggling.

This is what I am offering:

  • an Online Community Magazine set up for your community (including Multimedia Business Directory, Internet TV & Radio, Forum, Coupon Site),
  • PLUS $1500 in multimedia production courses to help you train at home to produce audio & video for local businesses, for only $500 to set up and start!

For only $500, I will set up your magazine so you can start offering inexpensive text, image, audio and video advertising for local businesses IMMEDIATELY. After that, your investment is only $250 a month WITHOUT ANY LOCKED-IN CONTRACTS.

With only 10 local businesses paying $50/month so they can upload unlimited press releases, audios and videos (which ALL stay on their page to help their search engine rankings), that pays for your set up, and allows you to start making $250/month profit. ADD MORE CLIENTS, KEEP ALL OF THE EXTRA PROFIT!

Some businesses may be do-it-yourselfers, and want to create their own multimedia to post on the magazine and back onto their own web page. They can sign up for the Commercial Creation Center for only $19.99 a month to easily create their audios and videos (and you get 25% commission every month that they use it).

However, many businesses just want someone else to handle it for them - so THAT'S WHY I'VE ADDED $1500 IN MULTIMEDIA PRODUCTION COURSES, so you can make even MORE MONEY creating commercials and how-to-shows for local businesses!

So check out the new information at and find out how you can start your new business THIS WEEK for only $500, and get $1500 in Multimedia Production Courses to train for your new career as a Multimedia Marketer.

Any questions? Give me a call at 678-459-2437, and we'll brainstorm about how to get you started in your new career.

Penny Haynes

P.S. I almost forgot! If you know of someone else who would be a perfect match for this opportunity, you get 20% commission from their magazine FOR AS LONG AS IT REMAINS ACTIVE!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Video of the Lake in front of my house

I took this video with my Blackberry (not great quality, but enough to get the job done quickly) and then converted it to WMV with the Now you can see the lake I view out of my office window. You'll see my little house on the right side of the lake. I was sitting on the side of the lake near the bridge to the little island.

I had been so busy with that (now defunct) government contract job that I haven't done much audio/video for myself. But it's so beautiful here that I wanted to share with you how blessed I am with the view out of my window. Even when life gets hard, I have learned to enjoy the little things, and the view from my office window is just gorgeous.

I hope you enjoy it and can live vicariously through me if you are stuck in a cubicle without a window - I remember what agony that was years ago!!!

Have a FANTASTIC, prosperous, and very blessed day!

Penny Haynes

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Career & Stress Management Shows - Marketing With Audio And Video

This is the entire hour long audio recording from the Marketing With Audio And Video Show. For those of you who want to hear it all, this is it.

Colette Ellis of Competent Advantage ( uses her show as an extension of her professional development program, which helps clients identify their strengths and position themselves for new opportunities. The show explores real life challenges that her clients have experienced. She shares how she started her podcast, why she does it, issues she had to face and her plans for the future.

We had TONS of questions and comments from listeners, and it was a fabulous time had by all. Subjects included:
  1. What is a widget?
  2. What is an RSS feed?
  3. What is the difference between a blog and a podcast?
  4. What is a mashup?
One of our guests mentioned a new tool/widget that he has added to his sites which I promised to share the link with everyone else - I took a quick look at it, and it definitely bears some more investigation. Looks cool!

As always, this show is brought to you by Penny Haynes and the - simple software and personal assistance to help you create and post audio and video to the internet.

If you want to learn more about how to market with audio and video, I encourage you to check out "101 Things To Do With Audio And Video (To Promote Your Business)". Get your free 30-page excerpt at

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Easiest Way To Create Video - Marketing With Audio And Video

The easiest way to create video is to "plug-and-play" with a web cam or a flip video camera. They are great for creating a short clip to upload to the internet. However, what if you want to create something a little longer than a minute or 2? The easiest method is to record multiple, short clips and combine them together with a simple video mixer. That's what we will discuss today during this video excerpt from the show.

Remember to pick up my free 30-page excerpt from "101 Things To Do With Audio And Video (To Promote Your Business)" at This show is brought to you by Penny Haynes and

P.S. Check out the Online coming April 25, 2009.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Marketing with Sweepstakes And User Generated Video, Part 2 - Marketing With Audio And Video

In this second Marketing With Audio And Video excerpt, learn about multimedia marketing combined with Sweepstakes. Penny Haynes interviews Carolyn Wilman, the Contest Queen (, and they discuss how Amtrak didn't do back end marketing and ended up having one of their own contestants arrested. Getting Consumer Generated Video from contestants helps increase involvement and visibility, especially with video. Once you do decide to put audio and video on your web site, make sure that people can find it on your site, and also utilize RSS to syndicate the media for more visibility.

Feel free to pick up my free 30-page excerpt from "101 Things To Do With Audio And Video (To Promote Your Business)" at This show is brought to you by Penny Haynes and

P.S. Check out the Online coming April 25, 2009.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Marketing with Sweepstakes And User Generated Video, Part 1 - Marketing With Audio And Video

In today's Marketing With Audio And Video excerpt, learn about marketing with Sweepstakes and using video as a part of the contest. Carolyn Wilman, the Contest Queen ( talks about the billions you can win each year, how she got started, and how sweepstakes change customer buying habits.

Feel free to pick up my free 30-page excerpt from "101 Things To Do With Audio And Video (To Promote Your Business)" at This show is brought to you by Penny Haynes and

P.S. Check out the Online coming April 25, 2009.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Podcasting For The Long Tail (Long Sales Cycle) - Marketing With Audio And Video

Learn how podcasting can assist the long tail of your sales cycle in today's excerpt from Chuck Rathman of IFS shares how his $350 million company uses podcasting to inform his potential clients (especially the influencers of his end users), and also allows these clients to do due diligence on the product and the company before purchasing. With a 7-digit price tag, a sale may take years to consummate, so keeping potential clients interested is important over the long haul.

To learn more ways to promote your business with multimedia, go to and download the free 30-page excerpt of my book, 101 Things To Do With Audio And Video (To Promote Your Business). This show is brought to you by Penny Haynes and the

P.S. Don't forget to register for the Online International Podcasting Expo, April 25, 2009. Pre-Registration is only $1, so go to now to reserve your seat!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Online International Podcasting Expo April 25, 2009

If you are interested in spending a day learning about how to podcast, or advanced tips and tools if you already podcast, then join us at the Online International Podcasting Expo, Saturday April 25, 2009, from 10am to 10pm EST.

This event is ONLINE, which means you can attend from the comfort of your own home. There will be a beginner and an advanced track, with 10 classes in each, PLUS networking events during the lunch and dinner hours.

If you are interested in becoming a speaker, please contact Penny Haynes at pennyAT1stpodDOTcom. If you would like to register to save your seat, go to Registration costs $1, so we can get an actual count of how many people will attend. You will receive freebies from sponsors, and will vote on the classes you want to take.

I look forward to meeting with you then!

Penny Haynes,

Friday, January 30, 2009

Simple Video Shows vs. Complicated Videos, Marketing With Audio And Video

In this last excerpt from the Marketing With Audio And Video show with Andrew Lock of, we talk about the difference between creating simple and complicated videos, and how you don't have to do anything complicated to create a popular show. We take a look at Gary Vaynerchuk's wildly popular Wine Library TV as an example - one camera, one shot, 20 minutes, and he's done - and nobody's complaining about it. Maybe because he's worth $50 million???

I've started a new contest to help motivate people to share the free 30-page excerpt from "101 Things To Do With Audio And Video (To Promote Your Business)". I'm giving away over $6,000 worth of prizes just for helping me spread the word about the book. Everyone has a chance to win something. For more information, go to

Get Sales Information PLUS over $2200+ in bonuses INCLUDING 30 days of help from me

I don't do this kind of stuff - you guys should know enough about me by now. But Terri Levine is a sales MACHINE. This woman KNOWS how to sell, from small to (especially impressive) HUGE price points. If you want to learn the secret (I hate that word, but effective sales IS a secret to most of us, including to me) of making sales, then Terri would be the woman to learn from.

The bottom line is that she just released a book called Sell Without Selling: Lessons from the Jungle for Sales Success. It's ONLY $11.86 - that's it. At that price, even stingy ME will buy it, which is the only reason why I am participating in the promotion of this book. I won't tell you about it unless I'm willing to buy it myself and I think it is a great value.

And if you are someone who loves value and lots of bonuses, this book comes with over $2250 worth of bonuses. Part of that value is 30 days of help from me with your audio and video projects. That's right, if you haven't signed up for the Commercial Creation Center yet, which is where I offer personal assistance along with my simple software to help you create and market with audio and video, then this would be the perfect time to give it a shot.

In addition, you will get my 30 page excerpt from "101 Things To Do With Audio And Video (To Promote Your Business)", which will give you a ton of information about what to do with your audio and video once we create it.

Interested? Check it out and see if this book (and these bonuses) are right up your alley. Go to That's where I'm going today!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Psychology Behind Segments In Your Video - Marketing With Audio And Video

In today's Marketing With Audio And Video show, Andrew Lock shares the psychology behind the way he segments his show. I invite you to check out Andrew's fabulous marketing show("Help! My Business Sucks!") at His latest show is hysterical, as he goes a little off topic about movie trailers ruining movies, and a lady who thinks you have to dress up to go to Walmart.

Andrew's experience in television helped him determine the best sequence of segments in his show, starting with a headline, moving into chit chat, getting audience participation, and then going into the heavier information and lessons. His emphasis always is, however, on entertaining, which is how he attributes his #1 status on iTunes. I love to watch him because I always learn something, but I laugh basically all the way through the show. Plus, he's brutally honest in the Listener Questions section, even when it hurts - but it ALWAYS helps.

Do you have segments in YOUR audio or video show? If so, what are they and what is your thinking behind doing them? Do they help or hinder? Have you learned from them and changed them along the way? I'd love to hear from you about it, so please leave a comment below to share what you have learned.

Again, I invite you to download the free 30-page excerpt from "101 Things To Do With Audio And Video (To Promote Your Business)" at If you know of anyone else that can benefit from this book, please pass the information along to them as well. You can also send them to participate in our show live every Monday night at 9pm EST at This show is brought to you by Penny Haynes and the, where you get personal assistance from me plus simple software to create and post audio and video to promote your business.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Unconventional Marketing Tips from Andrew Lock of Help! My Business Sucks

In today's excerpt from the Marketing With Audio And Video show, Andrew Lock of "Help! My Business Sucks!" ( talks about his marketing and television background and his focus on unconventional marketing techniques. He gained a lot of marketing experience and knowledge while working as the manager for Paul Daniels, the "Johnny Carson" of Europe. He then combined his background in television with these marketing tips, and his show was born.

Andrew says that you shouldn't do your marketing just like the next guy, but do something different to stand out. I'd love to hear what you are doing that is unconventional in your marketing. Leave a comment and start a discussion about creative marketing techniques.

The next videos in this series will discuss how to break a show down into segments, and how Andrew creates his visual masterpiece. Make sure you check his site out and sign up to get updates when new shows are available. You will NOT regret it - I don't miss a single episode any more!

Remember that you can download the free 30-page excerpt from "101 Things To Do With Audio And Video (To Promote Your Business)" at If you know of anyone else that can benefit from this book, please pass the information along to them as well. This show is brought to you by Penny Haynes and the

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Disney is Naming The Park After Penny Haynes For 1 Year!

Disney is naming the park after me, Penny Haynes, Multimediapreneur, for a year! Wow! First I am named Greatest Business Mind In The World, and now THIS! What a year! :) P.S. Listen to the very end for a special surprise. hehehehehe

To get your own video (without my personalized ending), go to

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

YouTube Used as Reference Tool (Not Just For Funny Videos), Marketing With Audio And Video

YouTube is no longer just for funny videos, but is being used as a research tool. This 3 minute video will talk about the research habits of the upcoming generations, some statistics on viewing, and how YouTube is becoming the Wikipedia of the world. You can read the entire article at

And in case you haven't started marketing with audio and video yet, yesterday was better than today, but today is better than tomorrow! Start by downloading the free 30 page excerpt from "101 Things To Do With Audio And Video (To Promote Your Business)" at

Monday, January 19, 2009

Home Made Videos Can Be Good For Business (and other tips), Marketing With Audio And Video

Home made videos can be good for business, and try planning your video from the end - 2 lessons you learn in today's excerpt from the Marketing With Audio And Video Show with Penny Haynes and her guest, Lorraine Grula of Remember to get your free excerpt of "101 Things To Do With Audio And Video (To Promote Your Business)" at This show is brought to you by the

Slick videos can cause mistrust - people sometimes think that you're trying to pull one over on them. That's why home made videos are sometimes good for business. People see another business person trying to make a living, just like them, and it can be endearing.

Also, try planning your video from the end. Lorraine shares some great questions to keep in mind before you even pick up your camera. I then make those questions concrete by sharing how I would answer them for the Marketing With Audio And Video show.

Lastly, spend time watching tv and see how most shows are. They mainly have people sitting around and talking. Think you can do that? :)

On a personal note, today I printed out the manuscript for my book, "101 Things To Do With Audio And Video (To Promote Your Business)" in order to send it in to a publisher. The reaction from my Commercial Creation Center members and people on Twitter was interesting. Several people really pushed the idea of self-publishing instead. It's not that I hadn't thought of that - I just thought it would come across more as vanity publishing and less as a credentialed author. I was thinking that a major publisher would give me an expert status that I couldn't get otherwise.

What do you think? Have any of you been published by a major publisher? Would you do it again? Did you make any money at all? Did the "published author" status help you afterward? Let me know by leaving me a comment below, or contacting me via (my contact us system).

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Video Production Tips (Overview), Marketing With Audio And Video

Learn the definition of GOOD video in this overview of Video Production Tips on the Marketing With Audio And Video show with Penny Haynes. Lorraine Grula of has 30 years of professional video production experience, and will be sharing her knowledge in this next series of video excerpts from the Marketing With Audio And Video show.

Lorraine shares that in a survey of entrepreneurs, 70% of them said that video was the #1 thing they would pursue for their online marketing. As we've said before, video has become the most popular thing on the internet, with YouTube surpassing Google in page views.

We also discuss the 3 most important things your video MUST have in order to be considered a "good" video. The simplicity of them will surprise you, and you will be able to do all three easily.

If you are interested in discovering a lot of different ways to create and use audio and video to promote your business, I invite you to download my free 30 page excerpt from "101 Things To Do With Audio And Video (To Promote Your Business)". Just go to

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

101 Things To Do With Audio And Video (To Promote Your Business)

Anna Farmery of The Engaging Brand plays devil's advocate and asks me questions that most small business owners would pose. The result is a lot of facts, statistics and examples of how different people are marketing with audio and video to promote their business, as well as what makes a video memorable.

To get your own copy of the free 30 page excerpt for "101 Things To Do With Audio And Video (To Promote Your Business)", just go to If this is something that you think would benefit your audience, network or clients, I can create a special affiliate version of the excerpt for you.

Penny Haynes,

And check out to learn more from Anna Farmery!

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mix And Match Videos and Other Time Saving Tips, Marketing With Audio And Video

Learn time saving tips when creating videos in this Marketing With Audio And Video excerpt with Kristy Nichols of You don't have to do one type of video format all the way through. You don't have to talk for 10 minutes without taking a break. You can mix and match formats and takes until you like what you have created. It doesn't have to take a lot of time, so get over your fears and just get started!

Remember to download your free excerpt of "101 Things To Do With Audio And Video (To Promote Your Business)" at This show is sponsored by Penny Haynes and the

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Proof That Marketing With Audio And Video WORKS!

A local radio station found me on Google and contacted me about working with them. This is proof yet again that using multimedia to increase your search engine rankings IS an effect and inexpensive way to get more clients.

It is similar to how Lifetime Television for Women hired me as Podcasting Consultant in 2006. The head of IT was listening to my Brain Storm! Business Podcast and suggested me when podcasting was put on the table in a meeting.

The only thing you are required to do is create and post good quality (not perfect) audio and video to the internet on a CONSISTENT basis. BE THERE when someone is searching for your area of expertise. As a matter of fact, be in many places - it is very impressive when you are found in more than one place.

I know you are busy with a million different things. I have spent the past 3 days taking care of a very sick dog. I am way behind where I should be. But I promised myself I would post at least 4 - 5 times a week to my blog. I only had 3 posts, and I was going to keep my commitment to myself, my business, and my hard earned Google rankings.

When you are too tired to record, then ask yourself, "How badly do I want new clients?" If you want it bad enough, you will find a way to make it happen, and discipline yourself to get at least one show a week completed. You don't have to be as ambitious as I am with 4 - 5 posts a week. Just get one a week out to start marketing with audio and video.

So I hope I have inspired you to keep on creating and posting on a regular schedule. There IS reason to do it - there are clients out there looking for you, but you MUST be on the first few pages of Google to be found by them.

Penny Haynes,

P.S. 101 Things To Do With Audio And Video (To Promote Your Business) is being released next week. Please help yourself to the free excerpt and/or the complete book at

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Creating A Script That Sounds Natural (Part 2), Marketing With Audio And Video

In this Marketing With Audio And Video excerpt, Kristy Nichols and I (Penny Haynes) conclude our discussion of how to make natural script writing easy and quick. Some tips include starting small at first with shorter, simpler projects, and using a free teleprompter you can find at

As a late breaking news brief, I have more proof that marketing with audio and video works, and works well. Tonight, I was contacted by someone from a local radio station who found me by searching on Google. He followed the breadcrumbs, and went from site to site of mine, and called me immediately about possibly being interviewed on an early morning radio show talking about podcasting and online video, and also possibly helping their sales force use online audio and video to better produce and make their presentations with the Commercial Creation Center.

Now, all I am doing is posting audio and video, and making sure that I always put a link to my important (or relevant) sites. Doing it on a consistent basis helps me stay at the top of search engine rankings. You NEVER know who may run across you while they are researching a topic.

So, as I have said before, put a link back to your business in EVERY POST. It bolsters your search engine rankings. In my blog feed, I have an automatic "signature", which adds my name and Commercial Creation Center link to the bottom of every post, so I don't have to worry about forgetting it. So everywhere that my blog/podcast is syndicated, there is the link to my business.

Lastly, '101 Things To Do With Audio And Video (To Promote Your Business) comes out next week, come hell or high water (which means with or without graphics, in my case). I just want to get the show on the road, and get this book into the hands of people who are struggling to build their business, and show them that it can be quick, easy and inexpensive to do it.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Looking for 10 Sponsors For the '101 Things To Do With Audio And Video' Free Viral Ebook

101 Things To Do With Audio And Video will have a free viral ebook excerpt & this is how you can be a sponsor.

I am about to release "101 Things To Do With Audio And Video (To Promote Your Business)." I will have a free viral ebook excerpt, and the full version for $19.99. No one has ever done a book on this subject, so I have cornered the market on the topic. Additionally, this topic is generic enough to fit any entrepreneur. I'll be promoting it all throughout 2009.

The point of the ebook, beyond sales of the full version, is to invite people to try the Commercial Creation Center, with which very few of you would be in competition. I help people who have never created audio and video before produce and post multimedia to the internet. I don't offer copy writing, other marketing information, VA services, etc. - I focus on creating multimedia and then posting it to social media and social networking sites. That's all.

I have decided to add 10 sponsor ads to the viral ebook. I already have partners ready to distribute it as a free resource. I will also be doing another Online International Podcasting Expo again this year, and this will be what I will be giving away to registrants. The ads MUST be related to the topics of audio, video, social media, social networking, marketing, business and business resources.

There will not be any competitive ads, so ads will go first-come, first-served per niche. Therefore, if you are a VA who helps people with posting podcasts or doing social media, only one of you will be promoted.

Other great complementary sponsors (apart from a VA) would be

* Copy writers, or people who help people with copy writing
* Info product coaches
* Internet Marketing Coaches
* Social Media Experts (I can do different experts who specialize in different sites)
* Social Networking Experts (I can do different experts who specialize in different sites)
* Advanced Video Production Experts (using Green Screens and lighting, etc.)
* Public Relations
* Graphic Artists
* Web Designers
* Ezine Specialists

Even if you don't see your industry listed, if you think you would make a good match for this ebook, send in your idea.

The cost is $100 per month, with no contracts or minimum of months. You get a 1/2 page ad, never on the same page as or near another ad, so nothing else will be competing for their attention. Anyone who reads this book WILL see your ad.

If you decide you no longer want to advertise, then your ad will be removed from the ebook and replaced with someone else's. Payment will be via Paypal Subscription, and you can cancel whenever you like. But you have to give me 2 weeks' notice to replace your ad.

For being a sponsor:

* I will send you a copy of the unformatted text, so you can see what I am sending out.
* Sponsors will also get the full version for themselves,
* I will give away a full version of the book as a prize to your clients (1 for every month you advertise).
* People get the free ebook by registering at the Commercial Creation Center (CCC), so if you register there and share the book using the affiliate link, as a sponsor you will receive 50% commissions on the book.
* I will also create a special version of the ebook for you that puts YOUR ad on the inside cover, so it is the first one they see. When people sign up under your affiliate link, they will receive YOUR version of the ebook (as long as you are still a sponsor).
* I will also place a personalized Paypal Buy Now Button in your version of the ebook. That way, if anyone forwards the ebook and the receiver buys the book without registering at the CCC, you will still get commission from the sale.

So please comment below if you would like to be a part of this book. I would like to release it no later than 1/19/09.

Penny Haynes,

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Monday, January 5, 2009

Creating A Script That Sounds Natural (Part 1), Marketing With Audio And Video

In today's video excerpt from the Marketing With Audio And Video show, Kristy Nichols reveals her technique for creating scripts and outlines that sound natural. So often, people are fine when they are talking to themselves, but suddenly try to be someone else and lose their authenticity once the camera starts rolling. This is part one, and we will finish up our script writing topic in Part 2 later this week.

I recently rewarded myself for the completion of the text for my upcoming book, "101 Things To Do With Audio And Video (To Promote Your Business). My reward was allowing myself to go back to programming and start adding additional features to the Commercial Creation Center. I had to force myself NOT to program, because when I do, hours fly by and I get nothing else done. I think I programmed for over 12 hours, and loved every second of it.

So far, I have added the ability to select a PORTION of an audio file (as well as an entire audio file) as the matching audio for a slide in a Slide Show Video. I have added menu links to other upload and special feature sites, and a link to re-open the opening Tip (to read about the different features and functions). I have a list of 10 features I want to add, and then I'll release the latest version. It should all coincide with the release of my book this month, which makes it even more exciting for me.

Please leave me a comment if you like this video, or if you have another method for creating a script for your own audio/video projects. I'd love to share them with others in an upcoming show, or possibly feature you in an upcoming episode of Marketing With Audio And Video!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Quick Brainstorming Techniques, Marketing With Audio And Video

In today's Marketing With Audio And Video excerpt, Kristy Nichols (the Average Goddess) and I discuss great, quick brainstorming techniques, so you don't have to worry about what to talk about in your audios and videos.

We talk about online and offline resources, when to brainstorm, how to capture the information, and more.

Be looking for the release of "101 Things To Do With Audio And Video (To Promote Your Business)", my latest book, during January 2009. There will be a free excerpt available for everyone, so make sure to get your copy!

Friday, January 2, 2009

6 Web Cam Tips from Penny Haynes, Marketing With Audio And Video

In today's episode of Marketing With Audio And Video, I use a web cam to give you 6 web cam tips. I simultaneously show you how to connect your video clips with short "slide videos".

I am an advocate for breaking up your videos into smaller, more manageable (and less stressful) chunks. Talk for a little while on a subject, then stop, save it, and record the next section. You don't have to script it if you are talking on a subject you know well.

The only issue is the transition between the clips - you will not start the next video in the exact same position as you ended the last video, and that can look jarring. One solution is to create single-slide videos to place in between each web cam clip. Type outline points on your slide (and make sure to put the web site address of your business at the bottom of each slide). Then, when you mix your videos together, you alternate between slides and web cam video.

Another solution is to use transitions between your slides, if your program allows for that. An alternative would be to vary your shots - do a close up, and then a full shot. You don't want to do too many different shots, though - it will end up looking like you couldn't remember where you positioned the camera in your last shot.

Another thing I recommend (but did not discuss in this video) is to place a caption throughout your video. If someone likes it and re-posts it, you want your contact information to be visible all the time. If you don't brand your video, other people can actually take credit for it in some fashion.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Number 1 Reason Why Entrepreneurs Don't Create Audio And Video, from Marketing With Audio and Video

Find out the number one reason why people don't create audio and video and what to do about it in today's Marketing With Audio And Video excerpt, featuring Kristy Nichols. Brought to you by http://www.CommercialCreationCenter and Penny Haynes.

Join Penny Haynes for Marketing With Audio And Video every Monday night at 9pm EST at Talk Shoe. Call in at 724-444-7444, Call ID: 29763#, and press 1# (if you are not registered at TalkShoe). You can also join us in chat and listen to existing shows at

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Monday, December 22, 2008

Free Flip Video Camera Tips Ebook on Marketing With Audio And Video

In this last excerpt from our interview with Lou Bortone on the Marketing With Audio And Video show, we discuss how easy it is to use the Flip, plus tell you where you can get Lou's free ebook with Flip Video tips. Brought to you by Penny Haynes and

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Penny Haynes just announced as World's Greatest Business Mind!

I am speechless, just speechless, to know that all of you have unanimously voted me, Penny Haynes, Multimediapreneur, as the World's Greatest Business Mind! (I wish!) Actually, it's all due to my ability to create this video with The Message Group's fabulous instant video creation tool!

Sites like this provide great marketing opportunities. The whole idea is to create something that other people will spread virally via email (most people don't know how to create a stand-alone video, but will simply forward the email The Message Group sends you with the link to the online movie on their site).

I used Camtasia to create the stand-alone video. The only way I was able to record the audio directly from the internet was to change my audio settings from Microphone to "What U Hear" under Recording properties, and then unplug my microphone. But it was worth it, and fun.

If you can ever find a tool that will allow you to do this from your site, it's an instant traffic generator. I'm keeping my eye out for something like this for my own site. Let me know if you already know of such a program.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Statistics on Online Video & Web Site Traffic

These are great statistics about online video and web site traffic trends:

- 25% of 2200 people surveyed are creating their own entertainment, which includes 25% of Matures (our oldest present generation) and 56% of Millenials (Generation Y, age 14 - 25).

- more than 10% of Millenials upload videos,

- 51% of ALL surveyed watch and read content created by others (71% of Millenials).

- 1/3 of all online viewing is done on user generated content sites (25% of Matures and 50% of Millennials).

- 25+% would pay for online content so they don't have to put up with ads

- Search Engines and Word Of Mouth are why people visit sites, with 85% of Generation X depending on recommendations

- 87% of respondents visit the same web sites regularly

For more information, read the original Deloitte article (

What does this all mean? That high search engine ranking is still the best way to drive traffic to your site. After that, word of mouth campaigns are the best method.

In order to spread the word about you and what you have to offer, posting video on user generated content sites help increase your chance of being seen and discussed.

The article also shares that the upcoming generation will broadcast things that they like to 18 other people, and have an average of 37 people in their IM list. So find a way to get people talking about you and do everything you can to be found high in the search engine rankings.

What are you doing to to reach that 51% of people reading and watching content created by others? Is anyone talking about you anywhere? How can you encourage more word of mouth traffic? Please leave a comment and share your ideas.

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Web Cam vs. Flip Video & Tips For Creating Video

In this video excerpt from the Marketing With Audio And Video show, Lou Bortone and Penny Haynes discuss different scripting techniques, tips for branding and when to use the web cam versus when to use the Flip Video camera. The next video in this series will include details about the Flip Video camera, how easy it is to use, and how you can get a free ebook all about the Flip.

Please join us for the live show on Monday nights at 9pm EST at TalkShoe. The show Phone Number is (724) 444-7444, and the Call ID is 29763.

How Is Online Video Expected To Affect Business?

In a recent PermissionTV survey of over 400 "decision makers" in various industries, they found out what entrepreneurs expected video to do for them.

71% simply expect to reap increased brand awareness.
47% expect more lead generation.
44% think it will enhance loyalty/retention programs.
41% believe it will actually convert customers.
39% think it will improve service and support.

I am always asked one question when I teach on multimedia marketing: how much money can I make? I always tell them that the main reason for multimedia marketing is brand recognition, not sales.

Some people don't recognize the difference between sales and marketing. Marketing helps increase visibility and awareness in general, whereas sales means someone reaching into their pocket and giving you their money. Sales results are much easier to quantify than marketing results.

How do videos increase brand awareness? If they are good, viral videos, they invite discussion and sharing. The more people that see and talk about the video, the better it is for the company who is branded on that video.

So what are you expecting your online audio and video to do for you? Have you experienced any direct results on your business? Have you heard more people talking about you? Have you had more sales?

I'd love for you to share your answer with me, so I can include it in my upcoming book, "101 Things To Do With Audio And Video (To Promote Your Business)". So please feel free to comment on this article.

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Shoppers Research Products Via Online Video - Most Likely During Work Hours

RECORD numbers of shoppers have spent a RECORD amount of time researching products online & viewing product videos ( Can you guess when they're probably doing that research? It's most likely during work hours (!

Offline businesses just haven't "gotten" the fact that their potential clients are researching their prospective purchases on the internet before they come in to buy (if they don't buy it online). Once they do their research, they are likely to spend $150 more in the store than if they had not done any research. Baby Boomers may still purchase offline, but they are researching online FIRST.

According to SellPoint, a provider of online product tours for businesses, they have seen a 40% increase in the number of shoppers viewing their Product Tours. Now, that doesn't surprise me, since when I want to purchase a gadget, I first go to to read the reviews and watch the video demonstrations.

Now, combine this information with the Nielsen Online October 2008 Video Census that states that most people are watching online video from 9 - 5, during work hours. (Doesn't this ring true? How many times have you been at your desk watching something you shouldn't be watching, and have to Alt-Tab quickly to avoid being caught?)

So what does that mean for businesses? One huge indication would be that people prefer to spend their time watching video, not reading text. Therefore, if you want to reach more people with your message, video is a very good bet. For the best of both worlds, offer both text and video, so the search engines can pick up your content as well.

The other lesson to be learned is that if you are going to sell a product or a service, people want to learn more about it from the comfort of their home (or, more appropriately, their office). This means that it would benefit you to CREATE online video demonstrations to accompany your product descriptions and images. It doesn't have to be professionally produced - just practical and informative, as if you were standing next to them giving them a personal tour of their prospective purchase.

What do you think about adding video to your product and service descriptions? Do you think it would make a difference to your clientele? Why or why not? Leave me your comments and we'll discuss it.

Professionalism vs Perfectionism In Your Videos

In today's Marketing With Audio And Video excerpt, we will talk about the difference between being professional and being perfect when creating videos. We'll also find out the secret to how Lou Bortone created his fantastic Bob The Builder video (

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Will Offline Businesses Finally Turn to Online Marketing?

Two separate articles on talk about trends that connect offline businesses to online marketing, including audio video marketing.

First comes, a Software As A Service (SAAS) company that has contracted with large offline malls to create simultaneous online shopping malls for the vendors. Their software incorporates online video marketing as well. According to the article, they are charging approximately $100/month for 2,200 licenses they have sold to 11 malls. Not bad money, if you ask me.

Then, in a second article, Placecast talks about Digital Advertising Trends in 2009. One of the points they discuss is that people will start utilizing the web to do more localized advertising. With easy access to location-finding software, "simple applications from marketers will include couponing and advertising to users in proximity to potential offerings of interest (such as stores, cafes, restaurants, etc.)". They also predict that location will figure into future search algorithms to determine relevance, so if you are looking for a product or service, searches may re-prioritize rankings depending on where you are.

However, as someone who unsuccessfully spent the last year trying to talk offline businesses and Chambers of Commerce into participating in such online marketing, I have doubts regarding how fast this trend will move. Perhaps the sinking economy will push offline businesses to move into new areas, instead of doing the same thing and achieving the same (or worse) results. Their point of reference is very different from those of us who know and understand the internet, and what makes sense to us doesn't necessarily make sense to them.

What do you think about online marketing for offline businesses in your area? Do you think they will go for it? Is your community ready for such a move? Are you going to take the opportunity to be one of the first to bring online multimedia marketing to businesses in your area? Leave me a comment and give me your opinion regarding offline businesses and online marketing.

Want Free Advertising? Answer my Best Video survey.

HEAR YE! HEAR YE! I will include a link to your business in my upcoming promotional materials for "101 Things To Do With Audio And Video (To Promote Your Business)" IF you answer this survey:

IF you forward this request to others, I will also include you on my web site promotional page as a Survey Partner. Just copy me in on your request for others to complete the survey.

As a part of my promotional materials, I will be sending out this list of the best, most memorable videos, along with links to the people who submitted them. I will also be using the statistics from the survey about WHY that video was so memorable in the book. I'll also include the list as an Appendix in the book itself.

One of the things I have figured is that the more people I am willing to promote and help become successful, the better things will be. I may be somewhat naive, but I believe in sowing before you reap. Hopefully, I'll be able to do something nice for the people who are generous enough to participate and help me succeed.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Non-Profit Markets with Online Viral Video To Raise Money

In an article from the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal (, Chris Newmarker shares how United Way is using online video to spread a viral campaign to raise money.

Go to to see the extremely simple, effective and touching video. There is no narration, so it is suitable for hearing impaired viewers. It was a low cost project that did not break their budget.

The idea is for viewers to give only $5 to help their local neighbors who are struggling with disaster due to the economy, and then to share the video with 5 friends. A quote from the article states:

“Giving trends show that young people, in particular, are more likely to give small donations online that respond to immediate causes,” said Randi Yoder, senior vice president of donor relations for the Greater Twin Cities United Way.

Think of ways that you can emulate this particular strategy of marketing with audio and video. What short message (this is only 1 minute 20 seconds long) can you share that packs a punch and quickly gets the point across? Are you including a "call to action" clearly throughout and especially at the end of the video? Are you asking for word of mouth referrals?

Please share examples of other videos (created by you or by others) that follow this formula, and how they were received by viewers.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Getting Over Self Consciousness When Marketing With Audio And Video

Lou Bortone of and I discussed Flip Camera & video tips on the Marketing With Audio And Video show tonight (12/15/08) at 9pm EST. You can listen to the entire audio at, but for now, I'll share a short video excerpt about how LouTube came to be, and how you can get over your self consciousness and perfectionism in video.

For those of you paying attention, I am trying to listen to my own advice and make my videos better than they were a week ago. Note my use of additional screen shots and clip art to make the point clearer, and also to break up the monotony of slides only.

The next videos will talk about Lou's fabulous Bob The Builder video, ideas on scripting, and of course information about the Flip and comparing it to a web cam. Stay tuned for more LouTube on Marketing With Audio And Video! Join us every 9pm EST at TalkShoe. Call in at 724-444-7444, Call ID: 29763#, and press 1# (if you are not registered at TalkShoe).

See the full-sized video at (always the best video quality of all of the social media sites):

Applying Hollywood Film Tactics to Business Videos

I saw a great article on Viral Video tactics from an author on YouTube Videos: As I read it, I realized that this was a great blueprint for business related videos as well. Let's apply what they are teaching to promoting your business.

First of all, the emphasis is on storytelling. The book "Made To Stick" by Dan and Chip Heath shares many examples of the power of a story. A plot with details that can evoke emotions and also connect to our senses is a powerful combination - one that will make people remember it.

But Michael W. Dean, the author of the article, goes into detail about the structure of the story being told, and explains how it is the basis for every movie we see in the theatres. His first main point is that a story must have CONFLICT, as it is "the essence of drama." The conflict must be set up, delved deeply into, and then resolved.

In business terms, this equates to "creating a need", explaining the problem which needs solving, and then providing a resolution. We need to show the conflict that is affecting prospects' lives, dwell on it a while, so they understand the depth of the issue and the impact of not dealing with it, and then show how the conflict can be resolved into a happy ending. I know this sounds simplistic, but it IS the basis for most marketing and films.

Heck, look at the great viral video that J.C. Penney has put out called "Doghouse". ( Every husband (and some wives) have been in the doghouse (or put someone there) at one time or another. They know that, if they do the wrong thing, there could be penalties to pay, and those penalties could last for quite a while. This tells the story of the conflict for many, and the possible resolution for at least one offender.

So we have conflict - good and evil facing off. However, faceless conflict isn't enough. There must be a hero who goes on a journey which is the bulk of the story. The hero has sidekicks and a wise mentor to help them on their way.

I think the hero here is your potential client, NOT you. HE or SHE has the opportunity to become the hero of their life by applying the solution you provide. YOU are the mentor, walking them through their dilemma and providing wise counsel.

You are secondary in this movie, which is accurate, because everyone's life is a movie where THEY are the lead. Everyone else is an extra, including you and me. So don't make your business videos about you - make it about THEM.

They also mention that the main character must be likable. If your client is the main character, how can you make them like themselves? A lot of marketers make their clients feel stupid, or scare them into feeling like they will miss something.

How about trying to empower your client by building them up and validating them? (reference to another great viral short video - How about helping them feel good about themselves, telling them that they ARE capable of being a success, and that you want to help them? Remember, you are a wise mentor, not the enemy, making fun of their flaws and foibles, poking them whenever you can.

So the next time you create a video, keep in mind the things I am going to keep in mind from now on:
  1. What is the conflict here? Define it. What are the implications of the conflict?
  2. What steps can the hero take to resolve the conflict? Be the wise mentor and advise them every step of the way.
  3. Clarify that your reader is the HERO in this journey, and that good things await them for taking this journey. Encourage them that they will overcome the conflict and be victorious in their mission.

I'd love your feedback on the application of this technique for marketing with audio and video? Do you think it is accurate and would work? Have you applied it? Can you share a video where you used this format? Please add a comment to share.

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Missing "Secret" Blog Experts DON'T Tell You!

AMAZED at how many Blog SEO "experts" NEVER tell people the most efficient way to promote their blog. Guess it'll wait til my book comes out.

But if you've seen my videos, listened to my seminars, or attended any of my classes, you already know it. But I doubt many of you have followed through and DONE anything about it.

SCHEDULE yourself some time to just do it - ONCE, and be done with it. Then, let the rest just happen and come to you!

101 Things To Do With Audio And Video: Time to make the donuts

Writing 101 Things To Do With Audio And Video book. Finished Intro, Chapter 1 - responses to why people don't use it. Now 1 of 101 things.

You know, I really love writing the book. There are so many things I would like to say, and finally I have a place to say everything I know up until now. Unfortunately, I have to write in the middle of the night to avoid distraction, and THAT'S not good.

I need to settle in and get this done, because I have promised myself the reward of being able to go back to programming and add the list of features I have set aside for the Commercial Creation Center. It is KILLING me not to be able to go over there and make the changes, but I KNOW programming will totally distract me from my mission! :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Combining Grass Roots Marketing & Search Engine Rankings

Just contacted by the world's fastest growing breast cancer foundation to help them w/online multimedia marketing. My cousin & aunt had it.

We discussed the different ways to spread the message and raise awareness, as well as gain high search engine rankings. We talked about the best social media & networking site(s) to use. The best part of all was that the entire campaign could be done at no cost to the Foundation.

If only more non-profits would take the time to understand the power of social media, social networking, and multimedia.

Video That Actually Plays INSIDE Your Email

FINALLY, real video INSIDE your email (not linked to online video)! (Thanks Sheronde Glover of for the link).

Which Multimedia Sites Provide the Best Search Engine Rankings?

CCC Mastermind class starts at 2pm EST. Anyone can come to 1 class free by registering at before class.

I'll be sharing some new information I have figured out about which of the multimedia sites helps you achieve the highest search engine rankings. You'll be surprised at what I found!

Why iTunes DOESN'T help your Google ranking: Marketing With Audio And Video excerpt

How to use your business podcast to increase your search engine rankings. HINT: iTunes DOESN'T help you:

In this excerpt from the Marketing With Audio And Video show, we review lessons learned and see which sites help you with Google rankings.

Still Need Help with 2 Surveys - Please complete and pass along!

Need Help! 2 surveys: People who DON'T use audio/video- & Best video seen-

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Increasing Search Engine Rankings with RSS Feeds: Marketing With Audio And Video

In this 2nd installment of a Marketing With Audio And Video show, we will look at more ways to increase your search engine rankings using Podcasting. The focus will be what Google wants, so we can always provide it: content that changes and is relevant to our key words. I also explain how syndication works.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Put Your Name On Your Videos!

Posting a video without your name or business on it is as useless as writing a blog post without your name and business link in it!

Viral Videos NEED Branding

Saw cute YouTube video someone was using for viral marketing. BUT they had NO branding on the video itself! ALWAYS put your name on a video!

Increase search engine rankings with Podcasting (Part 1): Marketing With Audio And Video

Increase your search engine rankings using Podcasting. Learn more in this Marketing With Audio And Video clip: