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Monday, January 5, 2009

Creating A Script That Sounds Natural (Part 1), Marketing With Audio And Video

In today's video excerpt from the Marketing With Audio And Video show, Kristy Nichols reveals her technique for creating scripts and outlines that sound natural. So often, people are fine when they are talking to themselves, but suddenly try to be someone else and lose their authenticity once the camera starts rolling. This is part one, and we will finish up our script writing topic in Part 2 later this week.


I recently rewarded myself for the completion of the text for my upcoming book, "101 Things To Do With Audio And Video (To Promote Your Business). My reward was allowing myself to go back to programming and start adding additional features to the Commercial Creation Center. I had to force myself NOT to program, because when I do, hours fly by and I get nothing else done. I think I programmed for over 12 hours, and loved every second of it.

So far, I have added the ability to select a PORTION of an audio file (as well as an entire audio file) as the matching audio for a slide in a Slide Show Video. I have added menu links to other upload and special feature sites, and a link to re-open the opening Tip (to read about the different features and functions). I have a list of 10 features I want to add, and then I'll release the latest version. It should all coincide with the release of my book this month, which makes it even more exciting for me.

Please leave me a comment if you like this video, or if you have another method for creating a script for your own audio/video projects. I'd love to share them with others in an upcoming show, or possibly feature you in an upcoming episode of Marketing With Audio And Video!


  1. "I had to force myself NOT to program, because when I do, hours fly by and I get nothing else done. I think I programmed for over 12 hours, and loved every second of it."

    I sympathise. Time can just disappear with programming... And once you've started it can become quite obsessive...yet its exceedingly satisfying somehow...

  2. Hari Karam, obsessive is EXACTLY the word I would use for it (especially since I am rather OCD myself). It is the only thing I "withhold" from myself as a prize for doing something I really don't want to do - like putting away laundry! hehehehe Even today, I was supposed to program, but got sidetracked on the business of business, but I'm sooooo yearning to sit on the couch and program on my laptop!

  3. Ok! Now I know why it was so hard for me to sound natural during podcasting. I basically wrote a term paper (word to word). I should have jot down bullet points and naturally spoke off the top of my head. Thanks! I going to try this technique this week.

  4. Naneinee, I used to do the same thing. It worked out great for creating an ebook from my podcasts later, but when I tried "winging" it, my podcasting students told me I sounded much better. So I stopped writing and started speaking off the top of my head on subjects and topics I had in front of me. It worked like MAGIC! :)


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