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Monday, April 27, 2009

Video of the Lake in front of my house

I took this video with my Blackberry (not great quality, but enough to get the job done quickly) and then converted it to WMV with the Now you can see the lake I view out of my office window. You'll see my little house on the right side of the lake. I was sitting on the side of the lake near the bridge to the little island.

I had been so busy with that (now defunct) government contract job that I haven't done much audio/video for myself. But it's so beautiful here that I wanted to share with you how blessed I am with the view out of my window. Even when life gets hard, I have learned to enjoy the little things, and the view from my office window is just gorgeous.

I hope you enjoy it and can live vicariously through me if you are stuck in a cubicle without a window - I remember what agony that was years ago!!!

Have a FANTASTIC, prosperous, and very blessed day!

Penny Haynes

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  1. Hi, Penny! Great to see the video. What a lovely setting you've been blessed with. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Donna, I appreciate your comments. I normally don't share personal stuff like that, but some things are too beautiful to keep to yourself.

    I really need to re-do the video with my "real" video camera to get a great picture. The blackberry video doesn't do it justice! :)

  3. Hi Penny.

    What a view! That must be relaxing for you. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Lorraine, that's exactly why I love it. Even during a horribly hectic or stressful day, one turn to my left helps me keep things in perspective. It's not the same when all you see are gray walls of a cubicle. :)


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